2022 COVID-19 Precautions

Please read all the information carefully BEFORE booking your retreat.

If you book a retreat we take that as your consent to abide by Taraloka's procedures.


Lateral flow tests:

Please take a lateral flow test three days before your retreat start date, and before leaving on the day you travel to Taraloka.   If the test is positive, do not travel but let us know you are unable to attend, and remain at home and self-isolate. 

We will ask you to take a lateral flow test on day two of the retreat, so please bring spare tests with you.   Should you forget to bring your own, Taraloka can supply them at £2 each.


What if I get a positive LFT  or become ill with COVID 19 symptoms on retreat?   

  • If you become ill with any Covid 19 symptoms, (including new headache or common cold symptoms such as sneezing, sore throat or runny nose as they are now also common COVID symptoms post-vaccination,) you must let the retreat team know and self-isolate in your room. You will need to return home immediately, take a PCR test, and let Taraloka know the results. If that test is positive we will contact Test and Trace and will be required to release everyone’s personal contact information to them. 


  • If you are coming by public transport  we strongly advise that you have someone available who can come and pick you up if you test positive for covid or develop covid symptoms during the retreat.  This is due to the risk of you infecting multiple people if you use public transport. 


What other COVID 19 precautions will be necessary during my retreat? 

Things change so quickly that we cannot know what will be necessary by the time your retreat comes round.  Here are the precautions we are following for current retreats.  We take COVID 19 very seriously, and Taraloka's retreats will be subject to whatever COVID-19 precautions are in force at the time that they run. 


2022 Bookings:

We are taking bookings as though the retreat centre will be running normally.  We will contact you before the start date of your retreat to confirm your place and the COVID precautions needed at the time.  However, in these uncertain times we are unable to guarantee that we can run a fully booked retreat. If, in the unfortunate circumstances that we have to restrict the number of places, and you are one of the last to book, we may have to cancel your place. You will receive a full refund of your booking fee, and we will let you know this at least one month before the start date of your retreat.

Please note: booking fees are otherwise non-refundable under any circumstances.


Communal work

On retreats we live as a community and daily jobs of up to an hour a day are shared between everyone.  Everyone will be allocated the same daily job for the duration of the retreat. 

  • Please let us know if you are unable to participate in the work rota.  If retreats are running with full capacity we will be able to accommodate some people who are unable to participate. However if we need to restrict numbers due to COVID, we may not be able to offer this, due to the small retreatant numbers and extra cleaning workload. Should your place be cancelled due to this you would in that instance of course get a full booking fee refund.   


Shared Bedrooms: 

  • Bedrooms are shared with 2 to 4 people in a room.  If you book a place via our website we take that as your consent to share a room, should COVID 19 government guidance and Taraloka's own risk assessment permit this.   

We have a limited number of single rooms allocated on a first-come first-served basis to those with specific health needs only.  Please contact the office to book single rooms - due to the high demand they are not bookable online. 


We are very much looking forward to co-creating a held and welcoming space with you in warmth and friendship.

With love,

The Taraloka Team

Updated in March 2022