Chandranistha was ordained in 2022 and her name means: 'she who is devoted to the moon of the Bodhicitta'.  She says:  I first started on the Buddhist path getting involved with the Bristol Buddhist Centre in 2005 and am now looking forward to join the Triratna Buddhist Order next summer. I am grateful to have found a Buddhist Community in Triratna with a system of practice that makes sense to me and is helping me to grow.

As part of the Taraloka community, I will work as part of the operations support, maintenance and gardening team. I was a volunteer in 2020 for few months during the first lockdown. I returned to Bristol and resumed my counselling job but after a few months I felt a deep heart wish to return to live, work and practice as part of the Taraloka spiritual community.

I am still finding my feet and shape and how I can best contribute to Taraloka.

The last five years since the sudden death of my mother have been a time of change and letting go: I moved out of my family home into the women’s community in Bristol, living apart from my husband and grown-up children and remaining in good connection. I made changes to my working life too; leaving a managerial position, taking a sabbatical year and most recently stopping work as a counsellor. I have worked in the field of Mental Health/Well-being/Addiction and Counselling for over 30 years and felt it was time for a change and to be of service in a different way.

It is my personal and professional experience that any life experience including individual and collective trauma, abuse, illness, addiction and loss can be an opportunity and doorway to transformation and liberation.

I appreciate that Taraloka has been running on generosity for many years and enables women to attend retreats whatever their background or financial situation. I feel inspired to engage mindfully and compassionately with issues around identity, privilege and the suffering associated with marginalisation and discrimination and to be a diverse and inclusive sangha. I love connecting with the elements, walking, swimming outdoors, dancing, comedy and the realm of myth and symbols.

I am looking forward to giving my energy to Tara’s place and following in her footsteps: to have one leg in meditation posture and one leg stepping out engaging with the world, being open in a way where there is no separation between inside and outside, between self and others, to feel both connected and in free flow.