Hello, I'm Satyagita which means 'song of truth'. My preceptor, Anjali, gave me this name because of my love of the written word and writing. I wrote my first short story at the age of 5 ('Wendy and the Witch') although studying English literature at university discouraged me from  thinking of myself as a creative writer until I began going to a Buddhist centre and met 'Wolf at the Door' (retreats and a writing Sangha founded by Ananda and Manjusvara).

My first 'Wolf' retreat was at Dhanakosa in the early '90s and I still count some of these same Wolves as my dearest friends. 


I often find life confusing and use writing about it as a way to try & clarify what's going on. I love Norfolk, where I grew up, and have lived in Norwich for many years, teaching English as a Foreign Language as well as the Dharma and meditation.