earth-sky garden and replacement office

In 2020, Taraloka, Triratna’s first women’s retreat centre, will have been creating magic and transformation in women’s lives for 35 years.  Now, for Taraloka’s 35th anniversary, we are fundraising for two urgent projects:


In 2019:  Earth-Sky Garden, transforming the area outside the shrine room windows.

Major project for 2019!  We’ll get rid of the decaying farmyard concrete and create a new outdoor sacred space, beautiful and accessible for all, including those with limited mobility.  Taraloka will be closed for 16 weeks.  It’s exciting - and a bit of a risk! 

Read more about the Earth Sky Garden

In 2022:  creating an essential new office space.

Taraloka’s office portacabin, the hub of Taraloka’s practical running, is at the end of its life and falling apart.  In 2022 we hope to replace it with a solid long-lasting office space - a base from which the community can continue giving the ‘invisible’ backstage support to Taraloka’s retreats.


What Your Donation Could Buy

These two projects, including loss of earnings in 2019, come to £275,000. Taraloka’s been saving up for a number of years and we have two-thirds of the money needed. Could you help us raise the last third - £92,000 - to make these projects happen?

If 600 women gave £150, we’d meet our target!

  • £1,000 would remove 5msq of old concrete and replace it with tough porcelain tiles, looking like natural stone yet smooth and non-slip.
  • £500 would build 1m of ‘boundless boundary’ - cow-proof yet keeping the view
  • £350 would create 1ft of tall drystone wall
  • £150 would buy 40 native ferns to flourish in the drystone wall.
  • £100 would provide a natural stone bench top from local quarry
  • £50 would buy wild flower seeds to create a meadow area

Thank you for your generosity - you are giving a gift that helps women transform their lives.

Campaign Progress: 
£75,138.00 82%
Goal: £92,000.00

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