Pujas with Altitude 2022

Fundraising Challenge Event

2 - 4 September 2022

2 peaks, 3 pujas, 10 miles, 1,050m climb


Bring the beauty of Dharma practice into the beauty of wild places, challenge yourself physically, and raise money for 'Tiratanaloka Unlimited'!

'Taraloka On Tour' - with Maitrisiddhi, Maitridevi, Eli, Suryahridaya and Natalia


  • The event itself:

In 2019, Pujas with Altitude climbed Snowdon, Wales’ highest mountain, and one of the most popular.  In 2022, we’ll head for Carnedd Llewellyn, Wales’ second highest mountain (after the twin Snowdon peaks).  At 1,064m above sea level it is barely 20m lower than Snowdon.  It has its own drama and wildness, and we’ll take you on a route that few will ever experience. 

The route will be around 10 miles and 1,050 metres ascent, with three pujas - one looking out over a wide valley of wild horses, one at a mountain lake, where ravens’ cries echo against rock walls, and one under a great crag, looking out at the great peaks.  (Hopefully, if the mist isn’t down!!)    This route will feel much wilder than 2019’s.  We estimate we’ll be out for at least 12 hours, including rests and pujas. 


Below are more details about Pujas With Altitude, to give you enough info to know if you'd like to participate.  If you have any questions (after reading the info!!) or you’d like to apply for a place, email us at publicity@taraloka.org.uk


  • Participation agreement

I’m going to be completely up front about this: legally this is an informal event along the same lines as a group of friends doing something together.  Walking in the mountains inevitably entails risks of injury or death.  We will try very hard to avoid this, but please understand that none of us are qualified mountain leaders, and there’s no insurance.  We are under the wire!  So if you are wanting something different, please don’t come. 

Maitrisiddhi: ‘I’ve been walking in the mountains since I was fourteen, much of it alone, and spent many years mountaineering and rock climbing in many different countries - and I’ve always loved the North Wales mountains.  I am quite sensible and experienced and I’m taking this mountain challenge event seriously.  But I don’t hold a formal qualification.  Please get in touch with me if you’d like to discuss this.’ 

Before starting the event, we’ll need everyone to sign to say that you understand and are happy with the informal basis for this event.


Here at Taraloka we've decided to run this event for the benefit of Tiratanaloka, the women’s ordination training retreat centre.  They have outgrown their premises (as there are so many women wanting to train for ordination!) and they need to find somewhere new.  They're calling the new project 'Tiratanaloka Unlimited' and they're looking for a property that can house 70 retreatants and 12 team, and that can become a new mythic realm for those in the ordination process.  Let’s support them, so that everyone who has the aspiration to train for ordination can find space on retreats!

We’re asking all participants to raise a minimum of £200 for ‘Tiratanaloka Unlimited’ through sponsorship – or simply sponsor yourself for £200. In 2019 our most successful fundraiser raised £900! 

Here’s a printable sponsorship form if helpful, although of course you may prefer to use an online platform as well.


  • Before and After

Pujas with Altitude will be a full day out - we’ll begin the event at about 8am, so we’d suggest that you travel to Snowdonia the day before and leave the day after.  

Friday 2nd September - Meet at Ogwen valley campsite from 4pm

Saturday 3rd September - Pujas with Altitude Challenge Event, leaving for Carnedd Llewellyn around 7am.  Return to accommodation at finish to eat and sleep.

Sunday 4th September - depart.


  • How fit do I need to be?

Pujas with Altitude will cover around 10 miles and 1,050m of climb, often on steep, uneven ground.  You may already be an active sporty person or regular hillwalker, in which case you’ll probably be fine.  But make sure you’re not caught out - walking uphill on rough ground for several hours is quite a different kettle of fish to walking on the flat.  The best way of getting an idea of where you are at compared to where you need to be is to find a hill and try to walk up it. If you live in London, go to Box Hill; if in Bristol, climb one of the Brecon Beacons. 


If hills don’t regularly feature in your life, you’ll need to train.  Some people have asked me for a structured training plan, so I’ve created a 12 week plan specifically aimed at helping you climb the mountain - you can download it here.


Offroad walking is definitely the best way to train - get out for walks on hills, or downs or coastal paths with plenty of up and down.  This will also let you try out your kit and wear in your boots.  But if you live in a flat place, crosstraining, taking stairs, cycling, running or going to the gym will all help.  Remember to stretch before and after.  Don’t just do nothing and hope for the best - your fitness will affect the whole team, and you won’t enjoy the pujas!  


  • What kit will I need? 

Take a look at the Essential Kit List which you can download here.   Welsh mountain weather can be extreme and variable, even in summer.  This means the right kit is essential for hill safety - for you and for the whole group.  To participate in this event you need to bring all the items on the Essential Kit List. 


  • Food

Hot food for both suppers will be provided.  Tea, redbush, soya milk, fruit, and muesli will be available for breakfast - please bring any extras you’d like.  

Lunches and snacks – please bring your own.  Hot water available for drinks / flasks.


  • Accommodation

We’ll be staying at a campsite in the Ogwen valley which also offers a basic bunkhouse.  Unfortunately the campsite has a ‘no dogs’ policy.

Camping.  Campsite has toilets and hot showers.  Estimated cost: £16 for 2 nights.  If you don’t have camping stuff, ask around the sangha, but if you’re really stuck, let us know.   

Bunkhouse.  Indoor bed in a basic dormitory, but we'll have the place to ourselves.  You will still need a sleeping bag / your own bedding but pillows are provided.  Estimated cost: £30 for 2 nights, payable in advance as we will need to book in advance.


  • Travel

If you’re travelling by car, we’ll let you know the campsite/hostel location when we’ve finalised the booking.  Please let us know if you’d be happy to liftshare.

If you’re travelling by rail, we suggest getting the train to Whitchurch (Salop / Shropshire) and travelling across Wales with the Taralokans, aiming to leave Taraloka at 2pm on Friday.  For the return journey from Whitchurch station, book your train to depart after 1pm on Sunday.  

If going via Taraloka doesn’t make sense for your journey, please get in touch about where we might pick you up!  Bangor would be the nearest mainline station.


  • Applying for a place

If you’d like to apply for a place, email us at publicity@taraloka.org.uk


Hoping to see you on Pujas with Altitude! 

xxxxx   Maitrisiddhi