Moon of the Mind: Bodhicitta - The Great Gathering ONLINE

Friday, April 23, 2021 to Sunday, April 25, 2021
Retreat Team: 

What is the mystery of bodhicitta?   It’s ‘the dawning moon of the mind, whose light banishes our darkness’ (Bodhicaryavatara).  It’s the ‘will to Enlightenment for the benefit of all beings.’  It’s ‘the manifestation within us of something transcendental: the emergence within our ordinary experience of something of a totally different nature.’  (Sangharakshita)

So how do we relate to this?  Can we cultivate bodhicitta?  Or open ourselves to it?  Or let it naturally unfold from within?  Join Taraloka and Tiratanaloka for a weekend of talks, ritual, meditation and discussion as we collectively evoke and dwell upon the compassion, wisdom and mystery that is bodhicitta.

*Places in groups available again - please indicate on the booking form that you'd like to join one. *

Suggested donation: £90.00 waged / £50 unwaged

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