Surfing the Worldly Winds

Friday, June 29, 2018 to Friday, July 6, 2018
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The worldly winds, lokadhammas, are classic Buddhist teachings on how we are tossed around by 4 pairs of opposites in our lives:

pleasure and pain
gain and loss
praise and blame
fame and infamy

When things go our way do we feel positive and elated? When they don't, do we become negative and despondent? How much do we get blown about by the large or the very small daily circumstances of our lives? How do we respond when someone praises us? What is our response when we feel blamed for something? Are we attached to our gains but struggle against our losses?  Do we crave the pleasant experiences in life and resist the unpleasant? What can we do about it?

Suggested donation (in addition to the booking fee): £315 waged / £195 unwaged
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This event is no longer open for bookings

Paying for your retreat

Taraloka runs on generosity.

To book a retreat you pay a booking fee.  This is the only charge made for coming on retreat. We want Taraloka retreats to be available to any woman, whatever her financial situation.

At the end of your retreat, you have the opportunity to give money towards Taraloka.  If you are able to donate, you are giving to another woman who otherwise could not afford to come on retreat.  And you are helping to give the gift of Taraloka to the women of the future.

Suggested donations

Our suggested donations (in addition to the booking fee) for 2019 are (waged/unwaged)

  • Weekend retreats (£140/£95)
  • Long Weekend (3 nights) (£165/£115)
  • 4 night retreats (£190/£120)
  • 5 night retreats (£235/£145)
  • Week retreats: (£325/£205)
  • 9 night retreats (£380/£250)
  • 12 night retreats (£445/£305)

There will be an opportunity to make your donation at the end of the retreat.  Donations can be made by credit/debit card, cheque or cash.

Those who cannot afford our suggested donations are free to contribute what they can. 

Running on generosity is radical – thank you for being part of that.

For more information see what does it cost and a flow of generosity