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"Mindfulness sounds all well and good, but my life is just so hectic. What can I do?"

In addition to practising Buddhism and Meditation, Kamalagita is a parent and has spent many years as teacher. In this interview, she speaks about her book The Mindful Teacher's Handbook, and about her experience from her life as a practitioner, teacher and trainer. She offers practical solutions for how people with relentlessly busy lives can find moments of peace and deep resourcing.

Pujas with Altitude raises £4,557 for 'Tiratanaloka Unlimited'

finish photo pujas with altitude

Thirteen women braved driving rain-showers, high winds and steep places to do three pujas and climb the second highest mountain in Wales – and they raised £4,557 for ‘Tiratanaloka Unlimited’!     Thanks to everyone who took part, and everyone who gave money!    Here are some comments from those on the event.


‘Exhausting, fulfilling, really satisfying – I loved doing pujas outside!  It was so beautiful!’ – Alice (London)

Dancing with Life with the Dakinis


The Dakini - pure openness, naked energy, red love, sensitive freedom, an ungraspable dance in the fires of transformation. On a retreat from 15th - 22nd July we will explore how this Tantric symbol of awakening can bring us into intimate connection with our body-heart-mind in meditation and ritual, living ever more authentically in the flow of life.